Communication Readiness Questionnaire

Name of the organization
Full Name
Mobile no

About your business

1. Describe your business proposition (200 words)

2. What inspired you to start the business? Was there a personal experience that inspired you to explore more? E.g. RedBus founder could not get a bus seat on Diwali eve and missed the festival. ( 500 words)

3. What is the key problem you are solving?

4. Your key differentiator?

5. How big is your team at present, how big do you think it will be in 3 years from now?


6. What stage of funding are you at?

7. Name two companies that you consider as direct competition ?

About the promoters

8. Name the Founders of the firm

9. Educational back ground of the promoters

10. Does the key Spokesperson/s have any prior experience of speaking to the media?