Building Corporate Image

A good reputation is like a strong foundation for an individual and a company. Reputation impacts a firm in many ways, right from maintaining stock prices to attracting and retaining customers and employees. However, the value of a good reputation cannot be over emphasized in a crisis situation.

There are various factors that impacts the overall reputation-
• Quality of product and services
• Earning & business performance
• Stability and integrity
• Degree of honesty and openness

A consumer needs a constant reminder not just about the quality of products and services but also about the other facts about the company.

PR plays an important in enhancing the overall communication of advertising. It also helps in communicating about several softer aspects about a fir like, how the company is measuring against the competition, values that the organization upholds etc.

Integrated Approach:
There is a thin line between the owned and non-owned media. A twitter handle of an individual with a large following can be as influential as front page news. However, Social media does replace the traditional media.
As communication experts, we work with your existing set-up or with our social media partners to ensure integration of the communication channels. Self-owned medium such as blogs, company websites and traditional media needs to be integrated with the overall communication objectives to create the right impact.
We help our clients to use different tools to build and project the right image and the correct message.

At Cubic Communication, we believe every client is unique:
• We dedicate time to understand the company, its business segment and train the key spokespersons.
• We create opportunities to feature in the media for relevant reasons.
• We avoid overexposure of client and believe in building a professional, sober image of the client.

Over a period of time we encourage key spokesperson to cultivate select relationships with media.