Spokesperson Training

A journalist usually meets and interacts with over 30 executives in a week. Each news report that appears is affected by information and perception of the journalist about the firm; other important events of the day and many other factors.
• How do you set yourself apart?
• How do you ensure the message of your firm is not lost
• Do you view each media interactions as an opportunity or a threat?
• Do you speak the same language to all business channels?<br><br>

An efficient and effective spokesperson does far more than simply communicating the facts. A spokesperson represents the image a company wants the outside world to see by customising his communication to suit the needs of the medium and the journalist.<br><br>

In our training sessions, apart from making you aware of the common miss-steps that people make, we also help you to:
• Understand the complexity of the media world- time lines, nature of stories.
• Techniques to get your message across- thinking from the point of view of the media
• Learning what is manageable for your business interests: an essential part of being in the media is also about knowing what not to say
• Convert information to news: not every information is news. So what is news?
• Manage unplanned situations with media: a planned interview may also have the unwanted questions which cannot be avoided. You can learn to answer them. Saying No comments is not an option a journalist will agree to.<br><br>

At Cubic Communication, we offer two media training modules:
1. “Facing the Media” – a One Day Training and Presentation. This session is meant for everyone who does/might face the media. It talks about the essentials of communicating the right message and more importantly about common mistakes that can be avoided when dealing with the media- TV, Print as well as Electronic.

2. “Executive Media Program” – A three month program of media training. A comprehensive program for the top management or the key spokesperson of the firm. The program deals with every little nuance that can help you turn each interaction with media into an opportunity to convey the right message. It guides you through your media interactions and enables you to polish your spokesperson skills.