Corporate Communication Department for Startups

In the recent past, we have seen many high-lows in the start-up environment. Media is quick to make heroes and is equally quick to portray the failures.
Start-ups thus require well-defined strategically planned media relation efforts.

Our strategy for each start-ups depends on:
– Stage of operations and funding
– How much of a differentiator can you create for the firm
– What is the cost at which you can create an impact

Any Young Company should use two key decision making points for deciding their overall PR goals:
a) Time of the key Spokesperson: just hiring an agency will not get you publicity, one needs to spend time thinking and brainstorming on relevant stories. Also, meeting and building relationships with journalists is a time consuming affair.
b) Available Monetary resources: PR is not a free activity. Like any other stream of communication, it requires consistent effort and hence dedicated internal or external resources to execute a plan.

Depending on the business cycle and overall strategic growth plan, the start-up needs to allocate the required resources for the same.