Sangeeta Irani:

  • Has lead the Public Relations team of Sobhagya Advertising for over 20 years
  • Has worked with several firms like ICICI Bank, Dhanlaxmi Bank build their brand though PR.
  • She specialises in the financial services sector and has managed PR campaigns relating to IPOs and bond issues
  • Managed several crisis situations, including the ICICI Bank crisis in 2003


Nisha Khetan:

  • Has over 16 years of experience in the field of Public Relations
  • Worked with ICICI Bank, Rabo Bank , Intellecap and DSP Merrill Lynch
  • Was part of the communication team that managed the ICICI Bank reverse merger and the crisis management team during ‘the run on bank’ in 2003
  • Has managed corporate and internal communication initiatives in all the above organizations
    Specializes in Spokesperson Training